I Satisfied My Love For Languages.
Learning new languages is my passion. It keeps my brain active and challenges it. I had already learnt German and French using Pimsleur. So it was the obvious option to learn Spanish too. After I listened to the CDs and participated in the conversation sessions I could see great difference in myself. I had the ability to use the appropriate words where necessary and form meaningful sentences in the right accent. Also Spanish spoken in the native accent had started making sense to me. I was satisfied I had conquered Spanish.
Rose Wordsworth
Dotson , USA.

Pimsleur Spanish Helped Me Connect Globally Though International News.
Due to globalization the world has become a small place to be in. The news is a great way to be connected to the happenings globally. Now-a-days news is being broadcast in many different languages. So as to make most of it I decided to learn Spanish. I followed the Pimsleur method as it effective. Listening to the CDs religiously helped me pick up new words and basic phrases. The words learnt in one lesson are repeated in the same and next lesson so they can be memorized and recalled. I could also soon understand the native Spanish accent. Today I can even watch the Spanish news and stay connected.
Hetal Shah
Baroda, India.

Thanks To Pimsleur Spanish I Have A Flourishing Job In The Airline Industry.
Being selected as an airhostess I had to learn Spanish. I chose Pimsleur Spanish due to its emphasis on the spoken language. Without wasting time I ordered CDs. Pimsleur gives focus on listening to the spoken language through the voice of the native speaker and repeating the learnt words at varied intervals and engaging in conversations. Due to this my fluency and pronunciation improved. I can deal the Spanish customers on my flight easily.
Lesslie Bloom
Dallas , USA.

Helped Me Channelize My Leisure Time.
My vacations were going on and I had lots of free time in my hand. I came across Pimsleur Spanish Language Learning Pamphlet in the newspaper. As I had free time I decided to learn Spanish. I ordered the CDs and started listening to them daily. In a few days I knew the basic words and had picked up the right native accent thanks to listening to the CDs again and again. My pronunciations improved greatly due to the conversation exercises. Pimsleur truly helped me utilize my time constructively.
Arti Singh
Jaipur, India.